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Did you know that houseplants like Monstera are an excellent way to bring nature and vibrancy into your home? But, to keep them looking great, you have to clean the leaves.

Monstera leaves are easy to clean using different but gentle ways. You can use a soft-bristle brush, a clean moist wiping cloth, a hosepipe, shower, among others. These are different ways to keep the Monstera leaves clean in your home without using harmful products.

Read on and learn how to use these ways to clean the leaves. There are also additions like using baby wipes and diluted olive oil. Even diluted vinegar gets the job done and maintains the shine of Monstera leaves.

person learning how to clean Monstera leaves

How to clean Monstera leaves

There are different ways that you can clean Monstera leaves. It’s possible to use a clean damp cloth, mist with a spray bottle, hose the plant, and place it under the shower. Whichever you choose, cleaning your Monstera leaves helps ensure your plant thrives and stays free of pests and diseases.

These methods clean the leaves of the Monstera without causing any damage or using harmful chemicals. That way, you’ll be sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your Monstera leaves healthy.

1. Use a soft-bristled brush

Have you ever passed by your Monstera and noted that the leaves seem dull since they have a coating of dust? In such instances, you can work with a soft-bristled brush to remove the layer of dust. Make sure the brush you use won’t scratch or leave marks on the leaves.

Using the soft-bristled brush, begin to remove the layer of dust off the plant’s leaves. Do this in a manner that doesn’t add dust to other leaves or plants. If there’s still dust that won’t come off, you can proceed to use some moisture.

2. Use a clean damp cloth

When dusting with a soft-bristled brush proves unsuccessful in cleaning the Monstera, use some moisture. Fetch a clean cloth or small towel, a water bowl, and mild dish soap. Add 2 to 3 drops of dish soap into the bowl of water.

After that, dunk the clean cloth in the water and ring out the excess moisture. Use the cloth to wipe the Monstera leaves to remove the dust. Be gentle as you do, so watch out for any weak or young leaves that can easily break.

3. Rinse small Monstera on the kitchen sink

Small Monstera plants have broad but not giant leaves. It is easy to move from different house parts to the kitchen sink. Once you gather the pots from everywhere, you can begin cleaning them.

The best way to do so is to place one plant at a time in the sink. Rinse the leaves using warm water while inspecting for signs of disease and pests on your Monstera. As the warm water cleans the leaves, it also washes away any pests and waters the soil.

(If you’re a fan of the bottom watering technique for watering your Monstera, you could even do both at the same time to be extra efficient!)

someone cleaning their plant in the sink to keep their Monstera healthy

4. Mist with a spray bottle

At times it’s better to try other ways to clean the leaves of a Monstera other than wiping. There’s also the idea of using a misting bottle to spray water on the plant. Since smaller Monstera has delicate leaves, dusting and wiping might not be the best solution.

Instead, fetch a clean spray bottle, water, and mild dish soap. Add water and 2 drops of dish soap into the spray bottle. Start to mist the Monstera leaves with this mix, ensuring you take time for the dust to come off.

In fact, while many people know about misting these plants as a short term way to boost your Monstera’s humidity levels, misting these plants is also very effective for cleaning Monstera leaves. While a small amount of mild dish soap is best, you can use plain water too, especially to get the dual humidity-related benefit. That’s often more than enough for removing dust so your plant’s leaves can work as effectively as possible – and look great too!

5. Spray compressed air

At times, moisture isn’t the best solution for cleaning Monstera leaves. For instance, if the plant’s soil has enough moisture, it’s better to find a dry-cleaning solution. A good example is using compressed air to eliminate dust from the Monstera leaves,

Find an air compressor that you can use to spray air safely on the Monstera leaves. The compressor’s air has enough pressure to dislodge dirt and dust from the leaves. But, always ensure you hold the can about 10 cm from each plant leaf to avoid causing any damage.

6. Hose the Monstera

Bigger Monstera can be indoors or outdoors. When you have a giant Monstera, wiping, misting or brushing won’t cut it. Instead, different methods like hosing down the plant work better. Take the Monstera to a spot where you can have water all over with no issues.

When the Monstera is in the perfect area, attach the hose to the water and begin to wash it. Take time to focus on the water on the leaves while also checking on the pressure. It’s important to ensure water coming from the hose won’t tear or break the leaves due to high pressure.

7. Place it under the shower

While hosing down might be convenient for outdoor Monstera, indoor plants require a different tactic. It’s time to move the Monstera from the living room into the bathroom. Once the plant is in the tub or the shower cubicle, you can start to clean the Monstera leaves.

This method involves cleaning the leaves using water from the shower. Think of it as bathing your Monstera babies to keep them clean and pest free. Once the shower is complete, let the excess moisture drain out, then return the plant to its original position.

plants in the bathroom ready for someone to clean Monstera leaves in the shower

8. Dunk the plant in a bucket of water

Smaller Monstera can use brushing or wiping to remove dust from the leaves. But, cleaning is also about getting rid of pests on the leaves and in the soil. Another great way to clean the plant is by dunking it into a bucket of water.

Start by noting the size of the plant and find a bucket that it fits into. Fill the bucket ¾ ways with water, then dunk the Monstera. This method might only work with small and medium-sized Monstera.

Should you clean Monstera leaves?

Yes, it’s important to spend time cleaning the Monstera leaves. This is the best way to ensure they remain healthy, in good condition to ensure efficient photosynthesis and are vibrant. Thankfully, cleaning Monstera leaves isn’t that hard and only requires a few items.

In fact, cleaning your Monstera leaves to remove any dust is one of the tips I recommend to encourage new Monstera growth. If the leaves are dusty, they can’t absorb all the light they need, so removing this dust is a quick and easy method to get them working as efficiently as possible. 

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Consider the number and size of plants in your home before beginning the cleaning process. The best way to get it done is to have a cleaning schedule. This ensures you have ample time to clean all Monstera leaves of plants in your home.

Can you use baby wipes to clean Monstera leaves?

Yes, you can use baby wipes on Monstera leaves. Monstera ends up growing giant leaves as the plant matures. These leaves are a magnet for dust and require frequent dusting to keep them vibrant. One method you can rely on to clean the leaves is using baby wipes.

Unlike normal wipes that you use for makeup and other things, baby wipes are better for leaves. These are usually alcohol-free and gentle on the baby’s skin. So, you can be confident that they get the job done without harming your Monstera leaves.

woman learning how to make Monstera leaves shiny by cleaning them

Can you use olive oil to clean Monstera leaves?

Yes, you can use olive oil to clean Monstera leaves and have them in the best condition. However, you must dilute the pure olive oil with water. After that, you can place the mixture in a misting bottle or use a wiping cloth.

Start by collecting olive oil, water, and a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to 1 liter of water in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients and place them in a misting bottle. Another option is dunking a clean cloth in it then wiping the leaves of the Monstera.

Can you clean Monstera leaves with vinegar?

When you have diluted vinegar, you can use it to clean large Monstera leaves. Often these leaves have so much dust and need something stronger to get rid of it. By mixing vinegar with water, you get an effective yet mild and natural solution.

Fetch a bowl of water and mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar in it to create a wiping solution. Mix the two ingredients, then dunk a clean wiping cloth. After wringing out the excess water, begin wiping the big leaves, ensuring you cover the front and back.

Can you use coconut oil on Monstera leaves?

You should not use coconut oil to clean your Monstera’s leaves, as it can clog the pores on the leaves. However, you can use a little bit of coconut oil to shine the leaves of your Monstera. The oil ensures the leaves have a glossy shine without harming them.

Another reason to use coconut oil to shine (remember: not clean!) the leaves is to prevent pest infestation. Coconut even keeps mildew away when you make it a habit to wipe the leaves with it. Add a little on a clean, dry cloth and wipe the leaves’ surface after cleaning off the dust.

person spraying water but not coconut oil on Monstera leaves to keep them clean and shiny

Can you clean Monstera leaves with milk?

Milk is another household ingredient that you can use to clean Monstera leaves. Houseplant enthusiasts have been using it as a cleaning agent for a long time. Milk removes the dust, but it keeps the plant leaves healthy.

Fetch ½ cup of dairy milk and mix with 2/3 cup water in a bowl. Get a clean wiping cloth and dunk it into the mixture. Wring out the excess milk solution and start to wipe the Monstera foliage. The milk is great at keeping pests like aphids away and fungal diseases.

How do you make Monstera leaves shiny?

Clean Monstera leaves tend to glow and appear shiny the minute you finish wiping off the dust. Because of the broad leaves, the plant can start to look dull after some time because of dust. Regular wiping or cleaning is necessary to keep the leaves looking vibrant.

Some people use a little bit of coconut oil to wipe the leaf surface after cleaning. This ensures the leaves have a shine to them and protection from pests. But, you can let the leaves be since they have a natural shine.

Should I use leaf shine on Monstera leaves?

You shouldn’t use leaf shine on Monstera leaves. While cleaning the leaves is important, most plants like Monstera have a natural shine that doesn’t require product use. Even if these products are advertised to make Monstera leaves shiny, they can actually end up causing problems for the plant.

Continuous use of this and other similar products cause clogging of plant pores. These pores are essential because it’s how the plant breathes. Clogging will cause it to develop difficulties breathing and general weakness.