Hi there! Welcome to our little green corner of the internet.

Whether your house is starting to resemble a jungle or you think you may have managed to kill that one succulent sitting on your office desk, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to help you nurture your houseplants – and your houseplant obsession – so that both can thrive.

After all, we all know how it happens. Maybe someone gifted you a beautiful Monstera for Christmas. Or perhaps you saw a picture of a peace lily standing proudly in the corner of a room on Pinterest and thought “I should get one of those”.

And before you know it…well, you can never have just one, right?

There’s no doubt that collecting houseplants can be incredibly rewarding (it’s why so many of us do it!) Not only do they look amazing, but they somehow can manage to bring a true sense of style and coziness to your home or office.

At the same time, things don’t always go to plan, no matter how much love you show your indoor plants. That previously lush fiddle leaf fig in your lounge room could be starting to droop, even if you’ve tried everything to reinvigorate it. Or maybe those brown spots on your snake plant aren’t going anywhere, as much as you hoped that they’d disappear if you ignored them.

And in those situations, we’re here for you. Based on years of nurturing our own houseplant obsession – and, yes, having a few failures along the way – we’re here to help you with all your indoor plant needs, by sharing expert advice to ensure your own jungle continues to grow.

Meet Naomi

I’m Naomi, the founder of Houseplant Authority – and I’m so glad to have you here!

I created this site to channel my slight houseplant addiction into a way to help fellow indoor plant lovers ensure their own plants can thrive!

I come from a long line of plant lovers, with my mom spending hours every week tending to her collection as I was growing up. She’d inevitably make me help and while I learned a lot during those sessions, I always swore I’d never live anywhere with a garden that required that much work.

Well, that turned out to be partly true. I’ve lived in apartments ever since I moved out of home, meaning no gardens…but that apparently hasn’t stopped those plant genes from coming though loud and clear based on the number of houseplants in my home these days.

Sure, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing and not every plant I’ve ever gotten has lived to see another day.

(It turns out that the answer to every plant problem isn’t to give it more water – who knew…)

But based on that experience – and my own happy and healthy plants that thrive to this day – I’m ready to help you see your own success, no matter how big or small your houseplant collection is!