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Sure, growing your Ficus is only half the battle. After all, once you have your houseplant looking its best, it’s only natural that you would want to find the best planter for your fiddle leaf fig tree so the entire look is just as you imagined!

Of course, you don’t necessarily need a specific fiddle leaf fig planter. But it’s also true that there are some that just look better when housing this proudly standing, vibrant green plant.

That’s why I’ve gathered my picks here for the best pots for fiddle leaf figs. With a range of designs, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that will fit your room. 

example of one of the best planters for a fiddle leaf fig tree

And don’t worry, they’ve also been chosen with functionality in mind, meaning that your fiddle leaf fig will continue to thrive while maintaining its rightful place as a focal point in your home.

Best planters for fiddle leaf fig trees

1. Honeycomb white

This honeycomb white planter is perfect for a mid-size fiddle leaf fig as it’s large enough to allow your plant to grow while not being too big, which can lead to rot issues.

Having white planters indoors is always a good choice, especially for anyone looking to embrace a more minimalist design, and it also allows the Ficus’ vibrant green leaves to take center stage. I like this pot in particular though as the slightly mottled honeycomb texture gives an extra point of interest that isn’t quite the same with a simple white pot.

Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have a drainage hole, so it’s best to use this as the outside pot (also known as a ‘cachepot’) with the plant actually housed in an inner growing pot.

2. Round gray marble

This round gray marble-effect planter is definitely a statement piece for any room and would be a beautiful planter for your fiddle leaf fig. While it looks extremely solid, the material is actually plastic. This means that for anyone looking for a marble or concrete look alongside their houseplant, without the weight involved in having to drag the pot into place, this is a great choice.

It comes with a drainage hole so it also meets need to avoid over watering your fiddle leaf fig. You will, however, need to add a saucer to catch any draining water.

3. Seagrass basket

For a more casual look, this seagrass basket planter could be just what you need. As you can see from the image, this works super well as a planter for your fiddle leaf fig, with the natural straw color offsetting perfectly against the dark green leaves.

It’s handwoven and ecofriendly, made entirely from natural seagrass. However, this also means that this is another planter that will have to be set up with a growing pot containing your plant inside of it.

4. Tall tapered black

tall black planter as an example of one of the best pots for fiddle leaf figs

This tall tapered black planter is one of the best planters for fiddle leaf fig trees that are more mature. As you can see from the picture, it has the effect of truly elongating the plant which, for a Ficus that already stands proud, can make it a really beautiful, modern aspect of your room.

And you don’t even have to worry that it’s too tall, as it comes with a removable shelf inside. That way, you can place the growing pot a bit higher if the plant isn’t quite tall enough yet to sit in the bottom of the planter.

In addition, while it looks large, it’s actually much lighter than you may think, making it very easy to move when needed. At the same time, if you’re worried about it being top heavy (especially if you have pets that may be inclined to jump on it), simply place some rocks in the bottom to weigh it down.

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5. Stone square concrete effect

example of one of the grey stone fiddle leaf fig planters

The stone square design of this planter really makes it something to look at – while still being subtle enough to fit in your room’s decor.

If the speckled effect in the picture above is a bit much for you, the one at the link has a more concrete effect, which looks super stylish while also being super functional. It’s actually made of concrete too, so it is built to last. Also, it comes with a drainage hole already added to the pot, so is the perfect planter for your fiddle leaf fig tree to not suffer from overwatering.

6. Striped white

white large planter for fiddle leaf fig

This striped white planter is described as having a “summer vibe” and I can see why. While smooth, shiny white has its place, the vertical striped design adds something extra to this pot that will look beautiful in your house, especially against the lush green leaves of your fiddle leaf fig.

It’s ceramic so it is durable, good for your plant and easy to clean – much like the leaves of your Ficus itself! 

This also comes with a drainage hole, which makes it a great planter for your fiddle leaf fig. However, as an extra perk, there’s a built in plug, meaning you can actually block the drainage hole if you need to at any point or open it up to ensure your plant dries out. Just make sure a saucer is in place when you choose to remove it.

7. Gold stands

This set of three modern plant stands will look amazing in any room, especially when placed together with their staggered heights. They offer a chance to showcase not only your fiddle leaf fig, but any other houseplants you have that you think should be seen.

You can get them in black or white, with either color offering a really modern, minimalist look. The pots themselves are made of metal, as are the stands which simply fold away. That means that when you receive them, you basically unfold the stands and you’re good to go!

In my opinion, what makes this one of the best planters for fiddle leaf fig trees is the fact that this houseplant is known for proudly standing in a room. So the extra height offered by these stands really highlights that effect even further.

8. Terracotta

fiddle leaf fig doing well in a terracotta pot

A classic terracotta planter for your fiddle leaf fig may not be the most modern option, but there’s a reason these have stayed popular over the years. Simply put, they look great in any room while being of quality material that’s almost impossible to destroy.

This one is actually made from plastic but that shouldn’t be seen as taking away from the quality. In fact, while fiddle leaf figs do fine in terracotta, the material itself does tend to absorb more moisture than other materials, meaning you have to keep a closer eye on your plant to ensure it’s not drying out too much. That’s why having a planter that looks like it’s made of terracotta can be a better option if you don’t want the extra care.

Of course, an actual terracotta planter for your fiddle leaf fig tree isn’t a bad choice. There are plenty of classic terracotta pots available online or at your local garden store. I’m a big fan of this modern terracotta planter personally, as the design really jazzes things up.

9. Paper bag planter

paper bag planter with a fiddle leaf fig tree in it

For a more rustic feel, this paper bag planter for your fiddle leaf fig definitely does the job. However, there’s no question that it would also look amazing in a more modern designed room. For instance, if most of your furniture is sleek white and grey, having this in the corner can be a subtle yet effective statement piece.

It comes in various sizes so should work for you no matter how big your fiddle leaf fig is at the moment. And – to answer a common question about these – while this looks like a paper bag, the inner lining is made from plastic, so any water that escapes the growing pot inside won’t stain or otherwise damage the outer planter.

How big of a planter do I need for a fiddle leaf fig?

Your fiddle leaf fig’s new planter should be 3 to 4 inches wider in diameter than its previous one. At the very most, choose a container that is up to 6 inches wider in diameter than your plant’s current pot. This will give it enough space to grow without leaving too much space, which can lead to root rot.

Of course, you can always put your fiddle leaf fig in what’s known as a growing pot with a more decorative pot – known as a ‘cachepot’ – on the outside. That gives you more leeway in terms of the size of the outer planter that people actually see.

For that, to really maximize the visual effect of your plant, it’s often recommended that you choose a pot that’s ⅓ the size of the plant. On the other hand, in the case of trailing plants, you can switch this around so that the pot should be ⅔ the size of the plant.

In the case of the tall and proud fiddle leaf fig, the first rule applies. So, for example, if you have a plant that’s 10 inches tall, when repotting your fiddle leaf fig, its planter would ideally be around 5 inches high for a total height of 15 inches from the top of the plant down to the bottom of the container.

Of course, feel free to get a large planter for your fiddle leaf fig if you prefer. Rules are made to be broken, after all! Just make sure the cachepot is kept at a reasonable size though.

Do fiddle leaf figs like small pots?

Fiddle leaf figs like fairly small pots as they prefer to live in a relatively snug environment. While some space is good for its roots to grow, a pot that is too large can lead to your fiddle leaf fig retaining too much water and, ultimately, could result in root rot.

This is why, when choosing a planter for a fiddle leaf fig, you don’t want to increase the size too much. Instead, the best planter for a fiddle leaf fig tree is going to be one that’s just a few inches bigger than the previous one, as explained above.

Do fiddle leaf figs do well in terracotta pots?

Fiddle leaf figs definitely do well in terracotta pots, although it’s important to keep an eye on their moisture levels. This is because terracotta tends to absorb moisture faster than other materials, leading to the soil drying out faster than in a plastic or ceramic pot.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially as the fiddle leaf fig prefers to dry out a bit between waterings. However, if you have multiple plants and choose different planters for your fiddle leaf figs, you’ll need to keep this in mind as the houseplants that are placed in terracotta containers will need to be watered more frequently.

Overall, though, choosing a terracotta planter for a fiddle leaf fig is a good decision for the plant’s health – and it helps that it looks amazing too!

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Are self watering pots good for fiddle leaf figs?

The fiddle leaf fig is quite susceptible to over watering, so be careful when considering using a self watering pot. Often, these pots wick more water to the root area as long as the pot’s reservoir has water. This can be too much for the fiddle leaf fig, leading to problems with your plant.

Instead, if you can, it’s better to choose a more standard planter for your fiddle leaf fig that allows you to choose when your houseplant gets water.

That said, while they may not be amongst the best pots for fiddle leaf figs, self watering pots can be great for anyone who’s known to, ahem, be a bit lax with their houseplant care. They’re also a good option if you travel a lot so may not necessarily be home when your Ficus needs a drink.

With that in mind, if you choose to get a self watering pot for your fiddle leaf fig, make sure you’re also manually checking the moisture levels from time to time. That way, you’ll get a good idea of how well – or too well – the pot is watering your plant and adjust accordingly, including how frequently you top up the water reservoir.

Do fiddle leaf figs need a saucer?

Fiddle leaf figs don’t need a saucer but it’s definitely a good idea to add one if its planter has a drainage hole. That way, the saucer can catch any water that drains through your plant’s soil rather than making a mess all over your floor.

Your fiddle leaf fig’s planter should always have a hole in the bottom to allow excess water to drain out. Otherwise, it will pool at the bottom of the pot and could lead to root rot in your fiddle leaf fig.

However, inevitably, the drainage hole will lead to, well, drainage – with that draining water having to go somewhere. And I don’t know about you, but I’d much prefer that to be into a saucer that I can empty as needed rather than messing up or even damaging the floor of the room where my plant lives!

Should I put rocks in the bottom of my fiddle leaf fig?

Adding drainage rocks or gravel to the bottom of your fiddle leaf fig’s planter is good for ensuring your plant doesn’t retain too much moisture. That said, having a drainage hole is generally considered as being more effective. Also, if you add rocks to a pot with a drainage hole, make sure none of them are blocking the hole.

The reason for this is that the fiddle leaf fig can be a bit finicky about holding on to too much water. While rocks in the bottom of your fiddle leaf fig can help with this, having a drainage hole will mean the pot can’t help but to let the water drain away.

If you absolutely must use a planter for your fiddle leaf fig that doesn’t have a drainage hole, then rocks are a suitable alternative. Still, my own preference is to keep the fiddle leaf fig in a growing pot that has a drainage hole (and adding the best soil for fiddle leaf figs, which should be well draining, to help with this) and then put the growing pot inside a more decorative cachepot. That way, it doesn’t matter if the outer pot has a drainage hole or not as only the inner planter for my fiddle leaf fig affects how the plant grows.