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The Monstera plant is a favorite among indoor gardeners and for good reason. This easy-to-care-for plant has stunning foliage that features large “holes” that has earned it the nickname “Swiss Cheese” plant. 

That said, despite its easy-going nature, growing any plants indoors has its own set of challenges, since the plant itself cannot take advantage of the natural elements. Instead, the indoor gardener is responsible for ensuring the plant gets its basic needs. 

Grow lights, however, can help you achieve the right amount of light that plants need to thrive. But can you grow Monstera under a grow light? And what’s the best grow light for Monstera?

Keep reading to find out the answers to those questions and more!

best monstera grow light with a purple hue

Can I use a grow light for Monstera?

Grow lights are ideal for Monstera during periods of inadequate sunlight, such as during the winter months or in rooms that don’t receive enough natural light. These useful tools help to provide the plant with the 10 to 12 hours of light they need to thrive.

Monstera have clear light needs as sun-loving plants that need between 10 and 12 hours of indirect, bright light every day. Sometimes, we are unable to naturally provide them with that amount of light, such as during the cold winter months or if the plant is living in a dark room. This is where grow lights come in handy. 

They can provide supplemental light when natural sunlight isn’t available. Furthermore, grow lights give you the ability to control the exact amount of light the plant receives, which can help keep the plant healthy and even promote growth.

What kind of grow light is best for Monstera?

The best grow light for Monstera will depend on several factors, such as whether you have a dedicated room for the plant, how many plants will be using the grow light, and how long it will be on for. You will need to consider all aspects when deciding which is the best grow light for Monstera Deliciosa.

Overall, though, this full spectrum LED floor light is my top pick for the best Monstera grow light, given what this type of plant needs:

1. Decide whether you need red/blue spectrum or full spectrum

Grow lights are available in red/blue spectrum and full spectrum, with both of them actually being good for your Monstera given the benefits they offer. Specifically, their benefits are:

  • Blue light helps your plant’s foliage become thicker. The other side of this coin is that too much blue light can make your plant compact and overly thick (which may actually be what you’re looking for, depending on the plant).
  • Red light encourages blooming and fruiting in your plant (and there are Monstera deliciosa fruit, so this could actually be useful for you here if that’s your goal), as well as promoting stem and leaf growth. This means that red light is particularly important just before your plant is expected to flower.

While, for some plants, one color is more important than the other, when it comes to Monstera, both of these are beneficial for this plant’s growth.

And this is why I would recommend you get a full spectrum grow light like this one. The fact that they appear to emit white light shouldn’t be confused with the white light emitted by standard light bulbs. Instead, they consist of a combination of all the colors your plants need to grow, which is why they appear white, much like natural sunlight.

There’s also the fact that the color spectrum has a direct effect on the color of the room. That is, the blue/red spectrum will give the room a purplish hue, which may not be suitable if you work or live in that room. As mentioned, the full spectrum light will give the room the traditional white hue, and may be the best option if the Monstera is cohabiting in the room with you.

My top tip: Get a full spectrum grow light that offers the benefits of each color on the spectrum, while also being adjustable for those colors depending on your plants’ needs. Unless you have a room set aside for your plants where the blue/red hue won’t annoy you, the white light tends to be better for those living with houseplants.

2. Consider the number of plants

The amount of plants you are growing under the grow light will also play an important role when choosing the best grow light for Monstera Deliciosa. 

If you’re only growing one Monstera plant, then a single bulb will probably work best for your needs, although keep an eye on whether this is sufficient as your plant grows. If, however, you are growing a wide array of plants, or your Monstera is too big for one grow light bulb to reach all of the foliage, then you should consider a larger grow light. The standing grow light I mentioned above is perfect for this.

My top tip: This will depend on the number and type of plants you have, but given how tall the Monstera can get, a larger, standing light is usually best here.

3. Length of time the grow light will be in use

Another thing to consider when selecting the best grow lights for Monstera is the length of time the light will be on. Will the light be running for just a few hours, or do you need a light for 10 hours or more? 

For short periods of time, an incandescent light may work fine. But these types of lights should be avoided if you plan to have the grow light on for more than a few hours. This is because incandescent bulbs can overheat when turned on for too long. 

For longer periods of time, consider an LED light since it can stay cool even when used for an extended period of time. It’s also more energy efficient, so while it may cost you more upfront, the ongoing costs will end up being less.

My top tip: While they’re more expensive upfront, I always recommend having LED grow lights. They’re cheaper to run, more energy efficient and are less likely to result in damage to your plant from burning.

What color grow light is best for Monstera?

Monstera can grow under both full spectrum and red/blue spectrum. If you have an area dedicated to your plants, then choose the red/blue spectrum since this is the best option for most indoor plants. With that said, however, Monstera will grow just fine under a full spectrum grow light.

You should also consider getting a timer to install on the grow light (or buy a grow light that comes with a timer already, like my preferred grow light for Monstera). This will let you set the schedule when the lights turn on and off, and ensure the plant is getting the right amount of light at all times. 

This also frees up your schedule so you don’t have to make sure you’re at home at a certain time to turn the lights on or off.

multiple plants including Monstera under a grow light

What’s the best grow light for variegated Monstera plants?

The best grow light for variegated Monstera plants will depend on your specific needs. However, a good general rule of thumb is to find a LED full spectrum grow light for all Monstera varieties. These types of grow lights are an all around good light for plants with little to no negative aspects.

An LED full spectrum grow light works well for most indoor gardeners, including owners of variegated Monstera plants, since you can use it in any room, not just one specifically dedicated to plants. Furthermore, since it is an LED light and not an incandescent, you can use it for an extended period of time without the threat of overheating or burning the Monstera’s leaves.

Can Monstera grow under LED light?

Monstera plants grow well under LED lights, and they can actually be the best option when compared to incandescent grow lights. This is because, unlike incandescent grow lights, LED bulbs don’t overheat and have less chance of burning the Monstera plant’s leaves.

LED grow lights are also available in a wide array of types and styles, including both full spectrum and red/blue spectrum. They are also affordable and considered safer when used for an extended period of time, since they are not as likely to overheat. 

If you’re new to the whole grow light scene, an LED full spectrum grow light will be your best option. LED grow lights are versatile, and work well to grow a Monstera under them. They can be used for both short term and long term lighting needs.

Can grow lights burn Monstera plants?

It is possible for grow lights to burn Monstera if the light is placed too close to the plant. This problem is often seen with incandescent bulbs, since they get hotter than LED bulbs. If you’re worried about burning the plant, opt for an LED grow light instead.

The good news is that this issue is an easy one to avoid by simply ensuring the light isn’t too close to the plant. Even though incandescent grow lights are more likely to burn the plant than LEDs, you can still easily prevent this problem with the proper distance. 

You will also need to regularly monitor the distance between the grow light and the plant as the Monstera grows, and then adjust the distance between the two as needed.

houseplants under grow light bulbs

What’s the best Monstera to grow light distance?

LED grow lights should be placed no more than 12-inches away from your plant. If you are using an incandescent bulb, however, it will need to be placed at least 24-inches from the Monstera since these bulbs can become hotter and can possibly burn the plant’s leaves.

Keep in mind that you may have to reposition and move the grow light overtime as the plant starts to grow and becomes taller, as your giant Monstera will suffer if it’s not getting even amounts of light. Periodically checking the distance between the grow light and the Monstera will help ensure the plant doesn’t get too close to the light, which can severely damage its foliage.

If you notice your Monstera plant’s leaves looking a little burnt, increase the distance between the light and the plant. Wait several days and then recheck the foliage. If the issue was with the grow light then increasing the distance should prevent the problem from becoming worse. If the issue is still present or worse, the problem may be something other than light.